A Reflection About COVID-19 and its Possibilities


Hortensia Carrer

Mother Earth and all its inhabitants, including the human family, cry out, now desperately, for a change in the evident blindness of those who rule the high echelons of power.

I want to share my reflections about this unprecedented situation.

Finally, the future has become the present. I remember hearing about an idea in the late 60s that changed my image of the planet.

Back then, I had no way of discerning whether it was a futuristic vision, an omen, an utopia, or the imagination of a genius. The absolutely paradoxical concept of “the global village” was a masterful conceptualization by the Canadian sociologist and philosopher Marshall McLuhan (1911-1980). 

Until then, the village was a small, local, rural settlement as opposed to something with a global dimension. It was the vision of a genius and all it needed was the time to manifest itself. 

Years later at a meeting of shamans in New York State, about the union of the eagle and the condor, I heard about another vision that awakened a visceral curiosity in what I believed would come true in the future.

In that meeting of old sages, who had mostly left their villages for the first time, they shared that according to the prophecies left to them by their ancestors, the world as we knew it and the values ​​that supported our civilization would break down and collapse to make way for a new world.

Since then I have seen step-by-step how these two visions have been getting closer. However, it has not been until this viral pandemic called Covid-19 that both visions are being simultaneously revealed.

Certainly, as McLuhan said, we live in a global village that travels in a cosmic spaceship, which at this very moment is taking a twist, a turn, already calculated on the maps bequeathed to us by our ancient ancestors.

The materialistic values ​​of our Western civilization were already in full collapse and right now they are on the brink of the most uncertain abyss.

However, and beyond the dark origins of this pandemic, we have to raise our eyes and feel that we are part of a complex species which is still on the path of its own evolution.

This is the moment that those of us working for the collective conscience have been waiting for; what we didn’t know was how it would arrive.

What would be the way in which everyone, on a global scale, would find themselves in the same situation and under the same threat? Without being required or needing to take sides with an ideology, a colour, a flag, a movement, without distinction of creeds or age, social, economic or geographical conditions, where we were all recipients or carriers of the same illness, a lethal illness that is contagious!

And this contagiousness that forces us to be confined leads us to the second great test and opportunity: to stop! To stop the frantic whirlwind of doing, doing, and doing and having no other time than “not having time.”

In the world we knew we only had time to do what we were doing, some more than others, all carried and dragged by the same hellish punishment of inertia, which is responsible for many more deaths than this pandemic. 

And in fact it has been inertia that has stifled our passion, the joyous song of the birds and our own; it has withered our soul, and hijacked the tribes of our family. The inert urban noise of the motors silenced the squalid and depraved silence of anonymity. We switched off the stoves that in this timeless time called confinement or Covid-19 have been re-lit. Houses are recovering their aroma of home, and the medicine of being united is emerging as spring emerges, a spring which has been awaited and longed for by many during hundreds of years.

When we sing on the balconies, pray with our family, when we applaud the work of the health professionals, when we bring food to the elderly and take the care to call our elders, when we care about the health of others, when staying at home is the greatest contribution , when we embrace and are grateful for human contact… When this happens what we are achieving is to raise the collective vibration and our own, we are contagiously spreading joy and hope as an antidote or vaccine for the healing of the collective soul that is our true pandemic.  

The time has come to awaken from the illusion of progress that seemed endless.

Of an unbalanced progress that forgets that we are a village, where we are all connected with everyone and everything, a progress that places a merciless burden on Mother Earth and all her nature, which also carries our own human nature. 

A progress that has us confined in the illusion of a mortgaged happiness, whose food system is sustained through patented cruelty towards our brother animals. 

Letting the pillars of this progress fall gives us the opportunity to remember that we are spirits having a human experience. We are all ultimately villagers travelling through the Cosmos for the purpose of the further evolution of the species.


As humanity, we still have to go through the dark night in which we will have to say goodbye to many things, face and sustain profound changes at the level of the social and economic systems, ways of life and other things that are yet to be revealed.

The powers that be may be implementing a social experiment of “confinement in freedom”, we cannot forget what we have experienced during these days during the “Stay at Home” confinement. 

Let’s take advantage of making this house our authentic home and be careful of falling into the other illusion, in which the virtual realm could become a way of life in which we no longer need real human contact. This could be the experiment of control by the powers that be. From here we would go on to total dehumanization and the soul will be defeated.  

The practices for elevating our vibrational system allow us to be more awake, more alert to the lethal conditioning of power.

Our current responsibility is to realize that we have been preparing for this, and today we already have all the knowledge, resources and tools to raise our consciousness by raising our energetic system.

The practices that elevate our vibrational system and our immune defences are, for example, meditation, yoga or any physical discipline, thinking positively, doing voluntary work, caring, having a conscious diet, smiling, being gentle with ourselves and with others and many more tools that we know and that are available to everyone. 

These are the keys that allow us to be more awake, more alert to the lethal conditioning of power.

In this way we all have the opportunity to participate responsibly and consciously with the co-creation of this new dawn! This is the spring of the pathway towards a new planetary consciousness.

Published by hortensiacarrer

Sobre mi lo que puedo decir es que soy una incansable buscadora de la felicidad que viene desde adentro. Esto lo estoy haciendo desde muy jovencita, es el lado positivo de una infancia llena de acontecimientos muy tristes. Hoy puedo decir que la he encontrado y acompaño a las personas a buscar la suya propia.

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